Revision Course June 2022- AS-Level Biology 9700 -N Hatem

This course will start on 19/10/2021

Your Instructor

Dr. Nada Hatem
Dr. Nada Hatem

Dr. Nada Hatem has been teaching IGCSE Biology for 9 years (2011- present) is a teacher of core, O.L, A.S., A.2, and A.L Biology. Dr Nada Hatem is also a proud holder of a Bachelor Degree of Dental Surgery, BDS. She is an IGCSE graduate who has always excelled in Biology and science. She is currently a resident dentist and a Biology teacher at Gheriany International School and tutors at Extreme Centre.

Course Curriculum

  Introduction & study plans
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 1: Cell Structure
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 3: Biological Molecules
Available in days
days after you enroll
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days after you enroll
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This Course starts on the date mentioned above. The course will be automatically unpublished after final exams
Would I find explanatory video lectures for the whole syllabus once in enrol in the course?
No, Lectures would be dripped in gradually. Once your course starts, you will receive 3 new lectures every week through ZOOM. Once you enrol in the class you will be sent Zoom links before each class and after the class a class recording will be uploaded.
Would I receive assignments to solve?
Yes, you will by the end of each chapter, your tutors will assign you a task to do and they will answer this homework in the next video lecture just as what done inside the classroom.
Can I directly ask questions to the tutor?
Yes, for sure you can through sending a direct message to the tutor. However as mentioned you will be having your class LIVE on ZOOM on weekly basis.
Would I get any exams?
Yes, PDF exams would be posted for you to solve. Then the mark scheme will be given with an explanatory video lecture explaining the correct answers and commenting on the common mistakes.
What is the language used by the tutor in the video lectures?
This course is taught in both Arabic and English language just like inside any regular classroom in Egypt. Be aware that if you are not a speaker of Arabic language you might have difficulties in understanding this course.
What are the course materials and how would I get them?
The course materials include notes & classified past papers. The material will be uploaded as Downloadable PDF documents or view only depending on the file content on the first day of the course. If you are located in Egypt you can order them through The IG School team.
What are the payment methods?
Credit Card. The IG Club Bank account ( Request details by contacting us) The IG Club Office located in 28 AbdelRazek El Sanhoury, Nasr City, Cairo , Egypt ( 00201210837777)
Are the course fees refundable?
According to our terms and conditions, we DO NOT refund any course fees since a full description is provided before any student proceeds with payment.

This course is closed for enrollment.