Sociology IGCSE/OL - May/June 2022

Learn about how our society works with Leading Sociology teacher in Egypt (Starts 13/10)

Your Instructor

Passant Faheem
Passant Faheem

Miss Passant Faheem is an IGCSE Sociology Olevel and A-level Teacher.

She has pioneered in Sociology amongst centers and schools because of her high engagement with the students and her consistency of following up with each student. She dedicates time for one on one feedback which is why her students have excelled throughout the years and later uniquely stood out in their college years. Her passionate teaching style motivates her students to invest more effort into the subject which results in excelling grades. She is vastly known for her unique teaching methods and her positive class spirit.

Here are some of her students Feedback in June 2020:

"Sociology was my favorite subject throughout my ig experience probably because of Passant. Her bubbly personality and amazing teaching skills gave us the chance to actually know her as a person and so you’d feel more connected to her and comfortable around her and the class will always feel like a sit down with a friend telling you all about some interesting stuff that’s going on all around you and she’d link it with actual experiences possibly everyone went through and even some of our favorite scenes from famous tv shows making the actual educational material stick with you automatically.The fun short breaks in between the class were some of the best memories I made; the laughter and inspiration I got from listening to the short stories she’d tell us during those times will stick with me forever and I can truly say that I have evolved as a person after taking Passant’s sociology class. " - Farah Emad, 16, June 2020

"Passant is by far the best teacher I’ve had for a number of reasons, first off she’s young and so she understands the student struggle, meaning she’d never not let u go to the toilet or give u unrealistic amounts of homework, second off she uses a lot of terms and examples to get her ideas through which allows these ideas to stick in ur head more, there’s not one lesson that’s boring or useless and the passion she expresses for the subject allows the love she has for sociology to shine through which in return makes me excited and ready to take in the course" - Nour Tarek, 17, June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will be automatically unpublished after your exams
Would I find explanatory video lectures for the whole syllabus once in enrol in the course?
No, Lectures would be dripped in gradually. Once your course starts, you will receive new lectures every week just as what happens in the real classroom. Previously added lectures are not removed throughout the course so that you can review any lecture an unlimited number of times after its release.
Would I receive assignments to solve?
Yes, you will by the end of each chapter, your tutors will assign you a task to do and they will answer this homework in the next video lecture just as what done inside the classroom.
Can I directly ask questions to the tutor?
Yes, for sure you can through sending a direct message to the tutor. Your question would be typically answered in 24 hours. There is also an opportunity to arrange a live chat with the tutor or any of his assistants. Be sure that we will never leave any question unanswered!
Would I get any exams?
Yes, PDF exams would be posted for you to solve. Then the mark scheme will be given with an explanatory video lecture explaining the correct answers and commenting on the common mistakes.
What is the language used by the tutor in the video lectures?
This course is taught in both Arabic and English language just like inside any regular classroom in Egypt. Be aware that if you are not a speaker of Arabic language you might have difficulties in understanding this course.
What are the course materials and how would I get them?
The course materials include notes & classified past papers. The material will be uploaded as Downloadable PDF documents or view only depending on the file content on the first day of the course. If you are located in Egypt you can order them through The IG School team.
What are the payment methods?
Credit Card. The IG Club Bank account ( Request details by contacting us) The IG Club Office located in 28 AbdelRazek El Sanhoury, Nasr City, Cairo , Egypt ( 00201210837777)
Are the course fees refundable?
According to our terms and conditions, we DO NOT refund any course fees since a full description is provided before any student proceeds with payment.

This course is closed for enrollment.